Tuesday, January 6, 2015

It's all gonna break...

I'm at a bit of a tipping point, just before a transition or rather an evolution in my grow spaces. I have some things I want to change in how I keep some plants and I have some demands to change how I keep some plants.

Let me back up a second...
I currently reside in USDA Hardiness Zone 7a in a major city located at around 42° N along the eastern shore board of the United States & I don't have a greenhouse. That means many of the tropical plants I grow (nay love) go out on the patio from spring to early fall and have to come back in for, what I like to call, "The Long Dark". This obviously depends largely on the species, some of the native N. American Sarracenia pitcher plants could stay out year round provided adequate protections and many orchids and other tropicals in between have shorter timeframes where they can be outside while some tropical highland species or hybrids need special environmental controls year round. Needless to say, keeping tropicals inside and thriving for a large chunk of the year requires some, um... Well let's take a look at my current situation right after the break.